Upgrading your radio to a 2005 and newer style radio.

This article describes installing a 2005 and up radio into a 1987 Dodge Daytona, I assume that these instructions will work on all 1984 to 1989 models, but I have not tried this in a newer (1990 – UP) car. These new radios are much more powerful (66 Watts), and offer many more features than even the newest flat faced radio from the late 90’s. They are also much closer in shape to the original radio, rather than being curved like the oval face radios from 1999-2004, so they fit a lot better as well.

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This is a how-to on converting your fusible links (FL) and relays to a Power Distribution Center (PDC) with Maxi fuses and Bosch style relays.

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Have the buttons stopped working on your navigator? If they have, then this Tech Article will show you how to replace them and make your navigator work like new! It will guide you through what you need to order, and how to install the new parts. Only basic soldering skills are required, and the results are very rewarding!

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